Habitat for Humanity Pope County

Habitat for Humanity Pope County

Let us help you build a place for you and your family to call home....
About Habitat
Helping local families build a solid place for their family to call home. Habitat for Humanity. Serving the River Valley area.
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Are you trying to determine if you may qualify to be one of families that is eligible to have your home built? Click below..
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Habitat for Humanity local workers

Habitat for Humanity Pope County

Let us help your family build a place for you to call home.
People all across the River Valley are looking to create a loving partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Pope County to help them build a place they can call home.

Our Habitat homeowners partner with a few of our skilled volunteers to help construct and build their new home.

This ensures that you encounter what is going to be needed to sustain and continue to build and maintain your new home.

Here at Habitat for Humanity, we're not looking to give you a hand out, but rather a hand up.

Habitat for Humanity Pope County

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Habitat for Humanity Pope County
Helping to bring hope to families across Pope County to realize their dreams of becoming a homeowner through cooperative work with Habitat.
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Habitat for Humanity Pope County

Eligibility Requirements

Please review the information below that explains several things required to participate in this unique program.
  • Potential Habitat homeowners must demonstrate a need for safe,
    affordable housing. Needs will vary from community to community.
  • Prospective households are low to moderate income. In the U.S., we
    serve families whose income does not exceed 60% of the area median
    income as defined for the area by the U.S. Department of Housing and
    Urban Development. Homeowner eligibility and selection take place at the
    local level and it can vary from community to community.
  • Once selected, Habitat homeowners must partner with us throughout the
    process. This partnership includes performing “sweat equity,” or helping
    to build their own home or the homes of others in our homeownership
    program. Sweat equity can also include taking homeownership classes or
    performing volunteer work.
  • Homeowners must also be able and willing to pay an affordable
    mortgage. Habitat makes a reasonable effort to ensure that an affordable
    mortgage does not exceed 30% of the homeowner’s gross monthly income.
    Mortgage payments are cycled back into the community to help build
    additional Habitat houses.

Are You A Skilled Craftsman?

We'd Love To Have You Helping....

It literally takes an army of volunteers to be able to achieve the goals of Habitat for Humanity. Everything from carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and interior finishers.

We'd love to hear from you if you are willing to provide us with some of your time to help put another family into their home. Please fill out the form and send it to us.